Zen Farm provides counseling, mind/body therapies, and education to individuals, couples, or groups who are seeking help for all levels of health and wellness needs. Grounded in a holistic philosophy and approach, we honor the dynamic relationship between the mind and body and the ways in which the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social aspects interact and affect behavior and health. To maximize the opportunity for  learning, healing and health , Zen Farm uses a team approach to assist people in the flow and balance of mind and body as well as implementing a strong focus on the family system for optimum functioning.

Research shows the effectiveness of simple and natural methods grounded in modern science and in the wisdom of ancient healing traditions. These beneficial training options have been shown to relieve stress, pain, suffering, and acute or chronic conditions of all types. They are also useful for athletes, artists, and other professionals seeking peak performance in their field of expertise.

Polarity Therapy ~  an energy based bodywork and relaxation training that promotes the full spectrum of healing for profound relief of anxiety, encouragement of creativity, and overall well-being.

Polarity yoga uses gentle easy movements to work with the flow of energy throughout the body. These yoga exercises are based in current research from sports medicine and injury prevention as well as ancient principles of aligning and opening the body for balance and rejuvenation. There is a focus on stillness and relaxation at the end of each session which provides a time for integration of the movements just completed.

Bioenergy is a therapeutic method based on the transmission of energy from one organism to another in order to improve an individual condition. It serves in the replenishment of the human energy field and assists in the elimination of disturbances and congestion within and around the body. By bringing this flow of energy back into equilibrium through the dismantling of tensions a balance can be restored between the biochemical and the energetic components of the human organism. This can ultimately result in the profound improvement of health and wellbeing.

MIndfulness is a specific meditative practice which cultivates a particular form of awareness of an individual’s state of mind in the present moment. It is a wisdom tradition of Asia that has been used in the Buddhist culture for millennia and refined for modern day medical use most specifically at the University of Massachusetts Medical School by Jon Kabat-Zinn. It is an anchor for the relief of many conditions and diseases. The benefits and clinical applications of mindfulness meditation are widely researched and published in medical, psychological and alternative and complementary medical journals.

Breathwork ~   a mindful breathing program for stress management and self awareness

Neurofeedback ~  the use of brainwave technology whereby the brain receives information to learn about itself thus changing quickly, easily and efficiently for optimal physical and mental performance. 

Elizabeth Eitt is the director and principal service provider along with counselors, family therapists and other professional mind/body practitioners. She specializes in polarity therapy, bio-energy, and yogic science.  She has a degree in bio-psychology and is a registered polarity practitioner (RPP).

All of the programs at Zen Farm emphasize increased awareness and self regulation.  As we learn more about our own functioning and its impact on others, we can initiate positive changes in ourselves and our relationship network for grounded and balanced well being.

Private sessions are available with our practitioners for individuals or couples on an hourly basis.  For more in depth learning, healing, and personal growth, retreats are offered for groups, families, couples, or individuals.  Zen Farm is conveniently located on a beautiful organic farm on King George County, Virginia, 20 minutes from the city of Fredericksburg and I-95.

Because each individual or family requires a different constellation of services, prices for sessions and retreats will vary accordingly.  Please contact Liz at 540.455.1830 or e2eitt@aol.com to discuss services and related costs.


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