Zen Farm was created to offer a coordinated and comprehensive group of wellness practices with a special emphasis on individual and family problem solving.

The Zen Farm program is holistic and reflects the dynamic relationship between the mind and body and the ways in which the mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of an individual’s life affect health, behavior and family relationships.

We work in the disciplines that we have found over time to be the most beneficial to clients struggling with physical, emotional and social challenges. These include Family Systems Coaching, Energy Work, Relaxation Training, and Neurobiofeedback. They contribute to a calmer relationship between the brain and the body which helps energy flow towards creative thinking, self awareness and problem solving instead of into anxiety.

In some cases it is an entire family that is suffering. Emotions can quickly escalate when anxious individuals attempt to communicate their feelings about difficult subjects, or feel unable to communicate at all.

The Zen Farm family retreat program allows family groups to fully focus on not only their issues but also the opportunities for changing negative dynamics to positive ones. The retreats are especially beneficial when one family member is experiencing a serious emotional, social or physical symptom that is affecting the entire group. We provide a comfortable setting for multiple family members to share their feelings and perspectives so that their interactions become learning opportunities for change and growth.

A full day retreat designs a series of facilitated activities around the needs of an individual family, allowing the members to use their energy to problem solve and plan. It begins with a healthy breakfast, which is organic and nutritious as are all meals served throughout the day. It is a working mealtime designed to provide an overview to the day’s activities, beginning with an exploration of how interconnected relationship patterns affect the family over time.


The morning consists of individual and/or small group relaxation training with polarity energy therapy bodywork, mindfulness and Zengar neurofeedback. Lunch is an opportunity to share both a nutritious meal and  further exploration of the dynamics of relationship systems, followed by additional energy work, neurobiofeedback, family coaching and yoga in the afternoon, depending on individual needs.

Finally a shared dinner allows for an integration of the day’s experience and is a combination coaching session and participant self-assessment. It is where we help solidify a plan for your family's path forward. This can include assignments for individuals or family groups to complete on their own, planning for ongoing mini retreat days, and/ or individual sessions for family members, again depending on individual needs.

This is a description of a full-day retreat.  The full-day retreat can be modified and tailored to an individual family’s particular needs and interests.

The special topics retreat is a day long group retreat focusing on a specific topic such as: defining a self with money, health and wellness issues, women’s friendships, and managing separation and divorce. The day includes a nutritious breakfast while discussing the topic of the day, an individual Zengar neurofeedback session for each participant, yoga, deep relaxation and a substantial snack and discussion to complete the retreat.